Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Year

A New Year and new goals...

My personal New Years Resolution is to remember to send out all my birthday and anniversary cards on time this year. I have wonderful intentions and most of the time I even have the cards sitting here....they just never make it out ON TIME! I think about it...and wish my friends and family the best...but forget to send the darn card! LOL This year I am going to do it! Simple yes, but very important to me.

New items coming to our store...

We have MANY new items coming to our store this year. I am going to be busy busy busy working to get them in as soon as possible. We will be carrying Bratt Decor and Furniture that I am SO excited about. They have some gorgeous items!

We will also be adding many more "Mom" companies with more custom made clothes, bedding, and artwork. I love supporting mom companies! Please remember if you order something custom made or made to order these take much longer to get out to you. They need to be made first and then shipped out. These are wonderful unique items that cannot be found on the shelves of Target or even any baby store. They are well worth the wait but please be aware of the time frame. If it states 4-6 weeks to ship that means count on 4-6 weeks before it SHIPS.

Remember we are always on the look out for new unique items. If you would like to recommend something or someone to our store just let me know.

Have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

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