Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shopping Cart Covers

My dad came to visit for the past couple weeks and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed spending time with him and watching him play with my children was even better. My kids LOVE their Pop Pop.

I am going to plug the shopping cart covers in our store. Let me tell ya why! We were out a lot this week...different stores, different restaurants, etc... I usually am very careful about bringing the shopping cart cover with us into every store. It also fits on highchairs so it comes with us into restaurants too. I admit I forgot it a couple of times this past week and now my daughter has a cold!! I am kicking myself. Would she have a cold if I had used it everytime...who knows...but the fact is she is sick and my son is not. Soooo makes me think it has something to do with all the germs on those carts and highchairs...Yuck!

To keep your little ones safe from all the gross stuff...check out our shopping cart covers from 2 Red Hens.

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AlexandraHere said...

I really like these shopping cart covers because, they fit highchairs and other places my baby sits! Plus they come in the cutest prints!