Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things I want to always remember...

I love being a mom! Lately I feel like the days are flying by and I wish time would slow down. I never want to forget...

1. The smell of my childrens hair after bath.

2. The feel of their little hands in mine.

3. The way my dd calls our dog, "Nernie" when his name is Bernie.

4. The "car" sounds my son makes while laying on his belly playing with his cars and trucks.

5. My childrens small soft feet.

6. The way they argue saying, "My mommy", "No, she is MY mommy!". Then one ends up crying!

7. The gentle way my ds asks my dd if she wants to hold hands.

8. When I wake up to a little face next to the bed asking if they can sleep in our bed.

9. The way their eyes light up when they smile.

10. Feeling like a hero when only Mommy's kiss can heal the boo boo.


Kerry said...

I love this post - all of these would be on my list too... except the one about "nernie."

bubandpie said...

Hehehe. #6 sounds like my house (as you know!).

tulipmom said...

I love your list!